Carpet Cleaning and Repair FAQs

Take off any loose threads before your vacuum gets a hold of them and call me immediately. Save the threads for future seam repair. Even seriously unraveled seams can be saved.

Q. My carpet has indentations. What can I do with them?

A. If you have indentations from your furniture, some experts suggest putting an ice cube in them. Let the ice cube melt. When the carpet is dry, your problem is solved.

Q. What can you do with burns or small stains?

A. If the problem is only an inch or two in diameter, a cookie cutter patch may be the answer. We can use carpet from a closet, if need be to patch the problem area.

Q. How can I avoid stains?

A. Scotch-guard protection may be for you. Using Scotch-guard will give you an added degree of protection. As you’re running to mop up a spill, you’All be happy that your carpet is virtually waterproof. If you have a stain that you can’t get rid of, you may want to get your carpet patched.

Q. How does dirt and sand destroy my carpet’s fibers?

A. Sharp grains of sand grind into your carpet, cutting the fibers like glass. Frequent vacuuming is the single most important thing you can do to maintain your carpet.

Q. Will steam cleaning help?

A. Steam carpet cleaning may be your carpet’s best friend. If you don’t remove the dirt from the carpet, your carpet will be ruined.
Don’t do it yourself with a rental machine. They don’t do a good job and they leave your carpet soaking wet. Call me for the name of a professional carpet cleaner in your area.

Q. Will patching make my carpet look like new?

A. Maybe yes, maybe no. I can use carpet from under a bed, in a closet, or from a scrap to give your carpet a new look. Rarely does a carpet patch look invisible but it’s usually a great solution.

Q. What can you do if I remove a wall or remodel a room?

A. I can take carpet from another room, under a bed, etc. and replace it in the spot you don’t have carpet.

Q. My carpet looks great except for a worn out hallway. Is there any way to fix this?

A. Since the hall carpet needs to match the other rooms, you can’t change it without replacing all of the carpet. In this case I usually suggest moving carpet from one of the bedrooms to replace the worn carpet, then putting new carpet in the bedroom since it’s less expensive than replacing all the carpet. This option works well if you’re trying to save some money and you know that you aren’t too picky.

Q. My stairs need some help. What can you do?

A. Often times the stairs wear out before the rest of the carpet, so we remove enough carpet from a closet and replace a stair or two. We can even replace an entire stairway using carpet taken from a bedroom. Then you put new carpet in the bedroom and the stairs still match the rest of the home. If your stairs are just loose or have wrinkles, we can fix it.

Q. What can be done about my wrinkled carpet?

A. If you have ripples, bulges, loose areas, waves, wrinkles, or
big bunched up areas? If it’s your carpet with those problems, call us, We can fix it!

Q: Do we need to move all of our furniture in order to stretch the carpet?

A: Rarely do we need to move all of your furniture to stretch your carpet. Normally we can use one of our specialty tools like this mini-stretcher to pull out the ripples from just one side of the room.

Q: We stub our toes on the new floor because the new floor is up higher than the carpet. What can you do about that?

A: We use shims to raise the carpet up to the level of the floor. No more stubbed toes! This is covered in the section called Carpet To Tile Transition