Tile and Grout Cleaning

Tile & Grout Cleaning – Keeping It Attractive with Capital Carpet Cleaning & Repairs

When you are the proud owner of a beautiful tile floor you will find that at some point, the grout becomes dirty in a way that you can’t seem to clean as well as the tile. That’s when a tile & grout cleaning company can come in handy. Tile is a great surface that cleans well, but since that grout has a porous surface, it can absorb parts of dirt and other residues that the tile does not. That is exactly why it can’t be cleaned by conventional methods.

Hiring a professional grout cleaner is the perfect way to fix this, because they have special tools that can get that filth out!

Now if you are considering tile & grout cleaning, there are many contractors to choose from in The Bay Area. Be careful when you hire a cleaner that they do have the experience to do the job properly. A well intentioned family member or friend can, unfortunately, ruin a good tile job in a matter of hours. Be sure to hire a professional contractor who is certified and also trained in the details of tile and grout. Having your grout cleaned by a professional will extend the life of your tile and keep it looking fresh.

On occasion, your tile or grout may need replacing or repairing. Not
all types of stains and damages can be just cleaned and spiffed up.
Sometimes, your certified tile & grout cleaning professional will need to make repairs. Damaged areas left uncorrected can lead to even worse problems. We are professional tile cleaners’ and repair contractors who can determine what types of repair are needed and what type of product to use in place of the damaged product. Sometimes, things that can cause damage include heavy traffic, improper installation and maintenance, and even water infiltration.

One of the biggest threats to tile surfaces is toxic mold. Mold develops when moisture builds up and heat and moisture are allowed to fester and mildew. Mildew continues to develop into mold. Tile & grout cleaning contractors are often the ones who notice these types of problems, and in some cases, this may lead to the hiring of mold professionals. Hiring a tile & grout contractor to properly evaluate and maintain your tile situation is a great first step to keep your tile looking beautiful for a long time to come.