Why you need a professional for carpet cleaning.

carpet cleaning homeOne of the first questions people have when considering professional carpet cleaning is should their floors be cleaned? This really does vary based upon the household. Some homeowners believe the myth that having carpets professionally cleaned is the cause of rapid re-soiling, but this only occurs when the carpet cleaning company does a poor job and uses low quality or insufficient cleaning products or processes. Having your carpets cleaned regularly by a quality professional cleaning company is a great way to keep your carpets looking fresh and new. When dirt remains on or in a carpet, it makes the fibers become dull and frayed, looking old and worn.

Why even bother hiring a professional carpet cleaning company?

Another question that many homeowners in the Bay Area will ask about professional carpet cleaning is why should they hire a professional to do this? What’s wrong with just vacuuming and cleaning with store-bought cleaning products? The fact of the matter is that there are a lot of interesting culprits residing in that rug which you do not want to share a home with. Mites, deposits of oil, grease, soil, and sand, allergens, bacteria, bits of food, and just about anything else you can imagine. Most people would find themselves pretty grossed out if they really knew what was in there.

When is a good time to enjoy my freshly cleaned carpets?

One of the top inquiries of carpet cleaning professionals is in regards to how soon can the carpet be walked upon after the job is done? Generally speaking, you’d want to keep children, pets, and other forms of heavy traffic off the carpet for 24 hours. Furniture should be kept on its protective surface as well during this time. Homeowners will find that the 24 hour time frame is best done during the week so that there’s just an evening or so that they have to try and keep off of it while it dries.

Putting a fabric protection on the carpet like Advanced Dupont with teflon helps protect your carpet after a professional carpet cleaning from soiling. If you are hosting a party and someone spills something, you will be granted a block of time to grab it before it soaks in. The protective barrier puts a wrap on the fibers of the carpet to keep it safe by guarding it from the abrasiveness of the soil and dirt. Protecting the fibers of the carpet can be very beneficial in keeping the effects of the cleaning job fresh.